PO Box 431 Point Lookout NY 11561


Long Island's Premier Producer of Craft Fairs & Street Fairs since 2008




Our company consists of 5 individuals                                                                                             

  1. Founder/owner Alan Finchley 
  2. Staff manager Joe Mcintire 
  3. Staff worker Max Finchley
  4. Staff worker Tim Tarshis 
  5. Public relations and social media coordinator Kate Finchley.  

Alan is usually the one who greets all of the vendors when they arrive to set up and then walks around throughout the day confirming vendor attendance, making sure vendors are ok and things are going well in general.

According to Alan:                                                                                     

  • "My mission is always to do whatever is necessary to produce events where our vendors will be profitable, and our hosting partners have benefited.
  • If our vendors and hosting partners are successful, then everything else will be good.
  • There are some events our company is profitable, some that we break even and some we lose money. 
  • Our hosting partners are always profitable because they receive a portion of the gross revenue. 
  • At the end of the day the only important thing is that the vendors have a chance to be profitable because they are supported by lots of advertising at a location that is visible, convenient, upscale,  safe and user friendly.
  • Our vendors are our only source of revenue and to us  they are irreplaceable and invaluable."

Joe and Max are the ones in perpetual motion, starting in the morning by guiding arriving vendors to their space and helping them unload their vehicles and open their tents.                                        

Throughout the day they are constantly walking throughout the show talking to vendors and shoppers and even directing customer traffic when necessary.                                                                               

At the end of the day Joe and Max are always the last ones to leave, making sure that the area is clean, and every vendor has left and safely on their way home.

Tim worked every event for 6 years from the time he was 15 years old and now occasionally works with Joe and Max.                                                                                                                                       

Tim's focus these days is building his bookkeeping practices, and our company is one of his loyal customers.

Kate lives out of the Long Island area but can be spotted from time to time at shows with a huge smile as she spends money on the vendors.

She works very effectively on a virtual basis from her computer.

There is absolutely no other event producer on Long Island who provide the high level of personal attention and care offered on a regular basis by our staff.

Joe, Max and Tim are truly loved and respected by a vast majority of the vendors who participate in our shows.


Our Art and Craft Vendors sell handmade unique creations.

Our Gift Vendors sell handpicked hard to find quality items not readily available online, in big box stores or in malls.

Offerings may include jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, toys, works of art, and everything and anything else that is wanted and desired.

Our Service Vendors offer valuable information about your home, business and lifestyle.

All of our Vendors are entrepreneurs who provide warm personal service during all phases of your shopping or browsing experience at all of our Events.

Our Vendors are truly as local as local shopping gets!