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Syosset-Woodbury Street Fair Postponed until 2021


10th Annual Syosset-Woodbury Street Fair Produced in association with the Syosset-Woodbury Chamber of Commerce.

Attendance~With reasonably good weather 75-100 vendors and 4,000-5,000 shoppers for the one day Event. The Fair is held annually in the late summer or early autumn, with all vendors setting up on historic Jackson Avenue, one of the original downtown shopping hubs.

Featured are live entertainment, kiddies bounce houses and plenty of great fun food!                            

Advertised hours 10am-5pm weather permitting                             


59 Jackson Ave, Syosset, NY 11791                             

At the corner of Jackson Avenue and Underhill Avenue                              

Admission is free with ample free parking in surrounding parking lots.    

VENDOR SET UP INSTRUCTIONS                                                                                                Among the most important requirements are:                                                                                        Vendor set up starts at 7am and continues throughout the morning.                                                   GPS 59 Jackson Ave, Syosset, NY 11791 to arrive at the Vendor line up.                                           For public safety, if you are setting up a 10’x10’ tent each leg of the tent must have at least 18 lbs of weight.                                                                                                                                                      To prevent a tent from becoming an ‘unguided missile’ our staff will dismantle your tent if it’s not properly weighted or tied down.                                                                                                                 If you are setting up one or more tables each one should be covered with a floor length quality tablecloth.                                                                                                                                      Prohibited are bare tables, plastic covers or bedsheets.                                                                     Food trucks must arrive no later than 7:30am so that they can be easily maneuvered into their space.  Vendors bringing in trailers must arrive no later than 7:30 am so that they can be easily maneuvered into their space.                                                                                                                                         Vendor locations are not assigned in advance.                                                                                           Spaces are assigned on a first come first served basis. (*Unless special arrangements have been made with Committee Chairman in advance)                                                                                          There are no ‘bad’ or ‘better’ locations at any of our Shows.                                                                   

If you feel it’s important for you to have a specific location please arrive as close to 7am as possible so that we can accommodate you.                                                                  Our staff will guide you to your location and help you with whatever you need within reason to get set up, including helping unloading your car, setting up your canopy and tables, and helping carry heavy items from your vehicle to your space.                                                                                                     Please remain patient since we help all vendors in the order in which they arrive.                                 Tipping our staff is encouraged and appreciated. (This applies to our Street Fair Staff, NOT Chamber Volunteers)                                                                                                                                                Throughout the day our staff will be walking back and forth throughout the Show making sure all vendors are ok.                                                                                                                                        Vendors are welcome to ask our staff members to watch their booth for a short time, but please do not ask our staff to make sales on your behalf.                                                                                              Vendors are responsible for keeping their selling area clean during the Show and taking their garbage with them at the end of the day.                                                                                                              Vendors who leave their selling area littered with debris will not be invited back.                                    

Near the end of the day our staff will visit every vendor to inform them of break down procedures.      

For public safety at the end of the day at all our Street Fairs vendors must wait to bring their vehicles to their space only under the direction of our staff.                                                                                      We take direction from the Police, Nassau County, Town Of Oyster Bay and all other departments that allow us to close the street for the Show.                                                                                                  Vendors are encouraged to please share all the above information with whoever will be representing you at the actual Show.