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West Hempstead Street Fair June 7


The West Hempstead Street Fair & Summer Music Festival is now being run in association with the West Hempstead Community Support Association, a  formidable forward looking group who have been instrumental in bring a new life blood of businesses and services to the West Hempstead Community.

The Street Fair is located in the heart of the West Hempstead downtown shopping district, with vendors lining both sides of the street potentially from Hempstead Turnpike to Hempstead Avenue. 

Ample free parking for shoppers and vendors is available just steps from the Street Fair. 

Vendors will be able to easily unload and load at their space.


​​​​​​​Room for over 100 vendors.

Expected turnout in the thousands with decent weather.

Food Trucks welcome.

Bounce houses and live music throughout the day.



GPS 30 Westminster Road, West Hempstead NY 11552

On Westminster Road from Hempstead Turnpike to Hempstead Avenue.

In the heart of the downtown shopping district.

Unlimited free parking steps away for vendors and shoppers.

Formerly located on Nassau Boulevard.



GPS 30 Westminster Road, West Hempstead NY 11552

Set up starts 7am and continues throughout the morning.

Space assigned on a first come basis.

All vendor spaces are 13' wide x 15' deep.

Vendors may unload and load directly at their space.

Vendor parking is a few short steps away.

The street will be closed until 6:30pm.

Vendors are permitted to sell to shoppers already at their booth until 5pm, but may not begin any new sales after 5pm.